Neck Pain

Most acute neck injuries are rarely serious and the pain will improve over time. Pain around the neck can be referred to the shoulder, shoulder blade area or the face and head. Headaches too are a common result of long standing neck pain. It’s important to keep your neck moving whilst it is recovering as this will prevent stiffness.

If a cervical nerve is pinched / irritated you may feel pain and or numbness / pins and needles in your arm / hand.

Rather than just treat short term pain – which can return, we develop a complete care plan for your specific management and care.

We address any kind of neck pain including:

Sharp and sudden neck pain

Neck stiffness

Neck pain causing pins and needles


Sport injuries

Repetitive strain

Postural strain

Dull and nagging neck pain


A whiplash occurs when your head is suddenly jolted backwards and forwards in a whip-like movement. This causes a stretch on the neck muscles and ligaments.

Symptoms are:

  • pain and stiffness in your neck, jaw, shoulders, arms or lower back
  • inability to move your neck properly
  • dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, pain on swallowing
  • difficulty in concentrating

How to treat it:

  • Apply ice pack over the sore area for about 5 -10 minutes for the first couple of days.
  • Sleeping on your back or your side provides a better position for your neck
  • Use a pillow to support your neck whilst sitting or lying in bed.

Rehabilitation and recovery:

It is very important to begin a series of exercises to regain normal neck movement.

Exercises for Neck Pain Including Whiplash

Lateral Neck Stretch

Benefits: The following exercises will help relieve tension in the neck. These simple stretches alleviate neck muscle strain, whiplash (or neck sprain), cervical nerve stretch syndrome or wryneck (a condition in which the head becomes angled to one side and is often associated with painful muscle spasms).

Technique: Look forward and keep your head up. Keep your hands behind your back. Slowly move your ear towards your shoulder. Do not lift your shoulders up when you tilt your neck to the side. Hold stretch for 10 seconds and repeat a few times on each side.

Rotation of neck

Technique: Keep your spine in an upright position, with your shoulders still and your head up. Rotate your chin gently toward your shoulder. While holding the stretch, do not let your chin fall towards your shoulders – keep it parallel to the floor.

Neck Extension Stretch

Technique: Stand in an upright position with your hands by your side. Ensure that your shoulders are relaxed. Lift your head, looking upwards. Keep your mouth closed and your teeth together.

Sitting Neck Flexion Stretch

Technique: Sit in a chair, cross your arms over one another and hold onto the chair between your legs. Let your head fall forward gently and lean your body slightly backward. Do not overstretch the muscle by forcing your head down. Relax and let the weight of your head do the stretching for you.

Diagonal Flexion Neck Stretch

Technique: In an upright position, with your shoulders relaxed and your hands by your side, allow your chin to fall forward toward your chest. Then, lean your head to one side, gently. Do not overstretch your neck by forcing your head downward. Relax and let the weight of your head do the stretching for you.

Neck Protraction Stretch

Technique: Keep your head up, chin parallel to the floor, then push your head forward, sticking your chin out. Throughout the stretch, keep your head up and do not let your chin fall towards the ground.

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