Back Pain

Back pain is a very common problem and can affect anyone at any age. Whether you have a short-term injury of condition, or suffer from long-term chronic back pain – Proactive Osteopathy, Hedge End, Southampton are skilled in treating all types of back pain and tailor prevention strategies to your injury and or condition, your body and lifestyle.

We address any kind of back pain including:

Lower back pain


Upper back pain

Sport injuries

Back pain during and post pregnancy

Disc bulges or herniated discs

Muscle and joint pain

Postural issues

Arthritis and degeneration

When you experience back pain, resting for more than a couple of days after the pain starts to hurt is not advised as the spine requires movement in order to start healing.

You may need pain relief medication in the early days to ease discomfort, however being mobile and doing gentle stretching such as Pilates is an integral part of management for your chronic back pain.

Tips To Manage Your Pain

  • Ice pack – apply to painful area reduces inflammation and thus pain.
  • Stay active – don’t stop normal activities, just change the way you go about them.
  • Pilates – core strength training is an integral part of management for chronic back pain.
  • Avoid prolonged bed rest.
  • Staying at work – you may need to talk with your employer about changing your work activities, hours and desk set up to allow your recovery.

Some Easy Home Stretches:

Knee Rolling – lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet on the floor/ bed.

Gently lower your knees from side to side. Start with very small movements and increase as your joints loosen up.

Do this for 30 seconds to 1 minute 2 x day (i.e – morning and night).

Pelvic tilting – In the same position as above.

Flatten your lower back onto the floor/bed so that your pelvis tilts towards your ribs and then release slowly.

Do this in a gentle rocking motion for 30 seconds to 1 minute 2 x day  (i.e. – morning and night).

Knees to chest – in the same position as above.

Grasp your right knee and gently pull it towards your right shoulder. Try to keep your shoulders on the floor/bed. Pause for about 30 seconds and then return to starting position.

Repeat with the left leg.

Do this 5 x on each leg. As you feel more comfortable with this stretch, you can try it with both knees together.

Back extension – lying face down on the floor/bed with both hands under your shoulders.

Your elbows can be pointing either down to your toes or out to the side, whichever is more comfortable for you.

Straighten your arms (go onto your elbows if difficult to straighten arms) so that your upper trunk lifts off the floor/bed. Keep your hips on the floor/bed and your pelvis and legs relaxed.

Repeat up to 10 times 2 x day.

It is a good sign if a position or exercise causes your pain to reduce or move to the middle of your back. Use these positions often and keep going with the stretches even when the pain subsides.

It is a bad sign if a position or exercise causes your pain to increase. Avoid these positions and stop doing the exercise immediately.

Comfortable Positions

Lie on your back with a pillow or two under your knees.

Lie flat on your front. If this is too painful try again with one or two pillows under your hips. As your pain eases, remove the pillows so at you are completely flat.

Lie on your side with a pillow between your knees. Sometimes a rolled up towel around your waist also helps.

Sitting is often very uncomfortable so it’s best to only sit for short periods of time. If you have to sit it may help to sit on an upright chair with a small, rolled towel in the hollow of your back.

See a doctor if you develop any of the following symptoms:

Difficulty passing urine

Loss of control of your bladder or bowels

Numbness around you anus or genitals

Severe weakness, numbness or unsteadiness in your legs

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