Pilates Rehabilitation Classes

A New Year, A New You

Looking after your health today gives you a better hope for tomorrow. We know many of you will be entering 2020 with the goal of getting fit and we salute you. It is never too later to do more for your health and there is no better time to make a fresh start.

Brand new program

(APPI) The Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute

This workshop will be a 1 -1 class, bespoke to your needs.  It will involve Pilates core strength and conditioning techniques.

Times will be Monday to Thusday from:

09:00 – 10:00

10:00 – 11:00

11:00 – 12: 00

These classes will run for 6 weeks for an affordable £60.00 (introductory offer)

Soon there will be evening classes available.

APPI was established 19 years ago by two Australian Physiotherapists, Glenn and Elisa Withers, on the basis of an academic scholarship from the Australian Physiotherapy Association. This initial study in the ‘Clinical Relevance of Pilates Exercise for clients with Back and Pelvic Pain’ led to the development of the APPI Method that we teach today. Glenn and Elisa’s study found that the benefits of the Pilates exercises were not being optimised due to the high level of strength, control and body awareness initially being asked of clients. If the movements were modified, the length of the lever (arms or legs) reduced, the demands of the spine considered in more detail, and the findings of relevant research at the time around how muscles work before and after pain, were all applied to the movements, then a new form of Pilates-based exercise could be a lot more successful in the rehabilitation field.

This ground-breaking approach led to the development of the step-by-step program of APPI.

Pilates Rehab Workshop

£60006 weeks
  • 60 minutes

Currently can’t book online. You will need to email or phone me to make a booking.


07806 759 392

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