Deep Tissue Massage

Our Deep tissue massage  in Hedge End, Southampton is a highly popular therapy that focuses on deeper layers of muscle tissue loosening chronic built up tension, and releasing adhesions (knots) thereby stimulating circulation of blood detoxifying the system by releasing toxin build-up (Lactic acid).

Our Deep tissue massage uses many similar massage techniques as Swedish massage but with more intense pressure focusing on particular areas and follows fibre muscle and tendons. Physical pain is alleviated, tension headaches calmed and back pain corrected.

This massage helps individuals recovering from accidents or sport injuries by breaking down scar tissue and increasing blood circulation to muscles that are underused.

The aim of a deep tissue massage is to tackle muscular problems which you may experience as “good pain” as you begin to feel a release of tension. This massage is not to cause pain but to release tension, so it’s important for me to receive feedback during this treatment as every individual has a different pain tolerance.

What To Expect Afterwards

After your Deep Tissue Massage, you may feel tired and experience tenderness where there was a lot of tension after a deep tissue massage. The tenderness “good pain” feeling may last a day or two. You should feel a great improvement after this.

You should drink lots of water to help flush toxins from your system as your lymphatic system will have been stimulated during this massage. This will also help bring more bounce into your tissues especially if you were slightly dehydrated.

The more regularly you have a massage the less painful it should be as your muscles ease up quicker each treatment to the point of which you can just enjoy a relaxing massage and not leave you feeling any pain afterwards because you prevented the build-up of tension in the first place.

How Often To Have a Deep Tissue Massage

On average, a monthly massage will help keep your body healthy and flexible and reduce the amount of tension in your muscles.

Bookings and Payments

  • When you book a treatment at Proactive Osteopathy, Hedge End, Southampton  you will receive an email with booking confirmation and a reminder email one day before as a reminder. 
  • Please give us 24 hour notice if you require to change your appointment so that we can give your space to someone else. Basic courtesy.

We are open Monday to Friday (with special request we can be open on Saturday) – Contact us now on 07806 759 392. you can book on-line via our price page or email if you have any further queries.

Consultation & Massage

£5500per session
  • 45 – 60 minutes

Follow up Massage

£5000per session
  • 45 minutes

Follow up Massage

£4500per session
  • 30 minutes

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