What is E-Consult

E-Consult is a way to have an emergency consultation with a practitioner via the internet.

With the right approach, an online consultation can be a great opportunity to work collaboratively with you, hear your story and plan effective treatment together.

In short, an online consultation can be a great way to get expert help and form a plan to get you moving again.

Please do note that depending on the diagnosis, a face to face treatment may be advised. Please note the screening criteria first.

How does E-Consult Work

During the pandemic, videoconferencing is going to become a way of life, because you’ll want it for the human connection.

We set up a scheduled time via you booking in online.  You need to have a modern up to date web browser (Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge / Safari)  apart from internet explorer to be able to connect with us.

Questions asked during a consultation

We take a comprehensive case history, cover past medical history and medications, and explore work and hobbies – including getting a breakdown of a typical week and what it includes. We discuss pain and its behaviour, delve into treatment and rehab so far and plan goals for the future.

With your consent we will examine you by observing your posture, asking you to perform certain movements and indicate any pain. This would be exactly as if you were face to face in the clinic. Please bear in mind you might be asked to remove some of you clothing, so being in a private setting is highly recommended!

We use Cliniko to provide the e-Consultation, it is private, secure and encrypted, and never recorded. However the osteopath will be taking medical notes as per usual. We also already use Cliniko for your medical notes, bookings, and invoicing – so its a company we know and trust.

Your osteopath will give you a clear explanation of what they found (their diagnosis), and discuss a treatment plan that is suitable for you, which may include lifestyle changes. They will explain the benefits and any risks of the treatment they are recommending.

Self-help measures and advice on exercise may be offered to assist your recovery, and prevent recurrence or worsening of symptoms. To get the most value from this session, its important to take on board what is said, and to follow the treatment plan provided.

To use e-Consult you need a webcam, microphone, display, and speakers, so if you computer does not have all of these, then any smart phone will.

Screening Criteria

The following criteria need to be met prior to you attending your appointment:

NO fever / temperature

NO sore throat / cough

NO shortness of breath or difficulty breathing

NO overseas travel in the last 14 days

NO contact with anyone who has tested positive

NO contact with anyone who has flu like symptoms


You are following strict personal hygiene rules eg regular hand washing

Please use hand sanitiser or soap & water at the beginning and end of your consultation

We ask that you wait in your car or outside our main entrance to be called for your appointment

Please make sure that you are following the social distancing rules and self-isolation policies

NOTE: If you are unable to meet all of the above criteria please get in contact with us so we can reschedule your appointment or help answer any of your questions.

Bookings and Payments

  • Book via my online booking system, It is really easy! Convenient, saving you time.
  • If you need to cancel a booking, a 24 hour cancellation period is required.
  • If you do not show up to the appointment you will be sent an invoice to cover loss of fees to the clinic and member of staff waiting for you. If you arrive late for your appointment, the full amount will still be charged, and your session will end at the allotted time.
  • There will be no refund on any treatment provided, or for missed appointments.


Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday – 09:00 – 20:00

Monday & Friday – 09:00 – 19:00

Saturday – 09:00 – 13:00

Reserve you space by  booking online / or contact info@proactive-osteo.co.uk if you have any further queries.

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