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Mini Facial with Neal’s Yard Products to Take Home

Proactive osteopathy offers a rejuvenating facial treatment combined with a neck and shoulder massage and facial products to take home with you.

The products from Neal’s Yard Remedies are award winning, certified organic and contain no ‘nasties’. Choose from five collections tailored specifically for your skin type and requirements.

Rejuvenating frankincense (for anti-aging), Rehydrating Rose (Dry skin), Nourishing Orange flower, Purifying Palmarosa and Soothing Starflower.

Benefits of Facials

Facial massage relaxes muscles and helps prevent wrinkles from forming

Massage stimulates microcirculation cleansing the lymphatic system, eliminating wastes and toxins by bringing nutrient rich blood to the skin

Massage stimulates collagen and elastin production acting as a natural botox for the skin

You can purchase our award winning organic facial skincare that uses botanical formulas to enhance your natural beauty from:

Consultation & Treatment

£4000per session
  • 40 minutes

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