£55 – Initial Consultation & Treatment (45 – 60 minutes)

£45 – Follow Up Treatment (30 minutes)

Osteopathy uses it’s detailed knowledge and understanding of the structure and function of the human body to identify faults which may have occurred by injury or mechanical stress. This allows the osteopath to not only treat the symptoms but the underlying cause of the complaint. Osteopathy uses a combination of osteopathic soft tissue massage, joint mobilising and manipulation to treat a number of conditions. Stretching, strengthening or mobility exercises may also be prescribed as well as advice on posture, diet, ergonomics and lifestyle.

Osteopathy treatment can include (but is not limited to): Acupuncture, Deep Tissue Massage, Kinesiology Taping, Lymphatic Drainage, Myofascial Release, Pregnancy Massage, Sport Injury Treatment.


£55 – Initial Consultation & Treatment (45-60 mins)

£50 – Follow Up Acupuncture 45 Min

£45 – Follow Up Acupuncture 30 Min

£35 – Follow Up Acupuncture 20 Min

Sports massage

£40 – Initial Consultation & Treatment (45 minutes)

£30 – Follow Up Treatment (30 minutes)

Please look in the section below (Sports massage) for more information about Sports massage.



We are now based in Fair Oak, 451 Fair Oak Road, Fair Oak SO50 7AJ; within Munro’s Hair & Beauty Salon.


I would like you to please wear a face mask when attending. Please read COVID-19 screening criteria.

Holly Rowe (M.Ost) working:

  • Monday – 09:00 – 19:00
  • Tuesday – 09:00 – 20:00
  • Wednesday – 09:00 – 20:00
  • Thursday – 09:00 – 20:00
  • Friday – 09:00 – 19:00

Rob Munro (Sports Therapist) working:

  • Monday – 09:00 – 17:00
  • Tuesday – 09:00 – 17:00
  • Thursday – 17:00 – 21:00
  • Saturday – 10:00 – 14:00

Cancellations and Lateness:

Whilst I understand, and empathise with life’s emergencies both large and small, I do request 24 hours notice if you are unable to keep your appointment.

I always send a reminder of booked appointments 24 hours in advance. Should you need to rearrange your appointment, I require 24 hours notice to agree on a time and date.

If you are late for your treatment, I will endeavour to offer you your full treatment as time permits. however you will still be charged the full amount of treatment that you have booked.

Sports Massage

A lot of the important information we gather in a session comes from what a patient tells us. Things are changing very rapidly with coronavirus and, as health professionals, we need to change rapidly too.

With the right approach an online consultation can be a great opportunity to work collaboratively with you, hear your story and plan effective treatment together.

How would this work?

  • We take a comprehensive case history, cover past medical history and medications, and explore work and hobbies – including getting a breakdown of a typical week and what it includes. We discuss pain and its behaviour, delve into treatment and rehab so far and plan goals for the future.
  • With your consent we will examine you by observing your posture, asking you to perform certain movements and indicate any pain. This would be exactly as if you were face to face in the clinic. Please bear in mind you might be asked to remove some of you clothing, so being in a private setting is highly recommended!
  • We use Cliniko to provide the e-Consultation, it is private, secure and encrypted, and never recorded. However the osteopath will be taking medical notes as per usual. We also already use Cliniko for your medical notes, bookings, and invoicing – so its a company we know and trust.
  • Your osteopath will give you a clear explanation of what they found (their diagnosis), and discuss a treatment plan that is suitable for you, which may include lifestyle changes. They will explain the benefits and any risks of the treatment they are recommending.
  • Self-help measures and advice on exercise may be offered to assist your recovery, and prevent recurrence or worsening of symptoms. To get the most value from this session, its important to take on board what is said, and to follow the treatment plan provided.
  • To use e-Consult you need a webcam, microphone, display, and speakers, so if you computer does not have all of these, then any smart phone will.

In short, an online consultation can be a great way to get expert help and form a plan to get you moving again.

Please do note that depending on the diagnosis, a face to face treatment may be advised.

General Information About Your Appointment

  • It is common to feel stiff and sore following treatment; this usually lasts around 48 – 72 hours. Most people describe their reaction as similar to aching and pain felt after exercising. It is common also to feel tired after a treatment. If you have any concerns about your treatment, please call us.
  • Patients are allocated approximately 45 – 60 minutes for their first appointment and approximately 30 minutes for any follow up appointments. Time is also required for providing exercises and advice.
  • Always try to remain active if possible, this helps your recovery as well as maintaining your mobility.
  • If you have been referred for a scan or further investigation, please keep in touch to let us know the result.

T’s & C’s

  • Bring with you a note of any medication (or the medications themselves) either prescribed or over the counter including any homeopathic or herbal remedies you are using.
  • On the first visit, I will take a detailed case history including a full medical history. Then, depending on the location of the problem I will usually want to make a full examination of the spine or the region where there is pain. This may involve undressing to your underwear or you can wear shorts and a tee shirt if you prefer. You are welcome to bring a friend or relative with you into the treatment room if it makes you feel more comfortable. Please note that the case history taking and examination may take up most of the time on the first visit.
  • If you are insured, you are expected to settle the bill for each visit yourself and you will be given a receipt so that you can reclaim the fee from your insurance company.
  • Payment will be taken when booking your appointment.
  • If for any reason you decide not to take up this appointment, please call as soon as possible to cancel as I can then give it to another patient. If you cancel with less than 24 hours’ notice, then the clinics policy is to charge full fee of missed appointment.
  • Privacy Policy: You can view our privacy policy on our website at this address:

N.B. Cancellation Policy:

A 24 hour cancellation period is required. If you cancel within this period, or do not show up to the appointment you will be invoiced for the full amount.

N.B. Late Arrival Policy:

If you arrive late for your appointment, the full amount will be charged, and your session will still end at the allotted time.

N.B. Refund Policy:

There will be no refund on any treatment provided, or missed appointments.