Phil Day health researcher presented information with evidence regards Health and Disease.

Disease is a compendium of the leading trouble spots in health – what are their symptoms and what causes them and what can we do about them? Often the solutions of what ails us can be as simple as a change of diet and lifestyle.

While it’s not entirely fair to say that everybody runs to the doctor with headache, just about everybody has a selection of the usual painkiller, and general aches and pain ointments in the kitchen cupboard.

Unfortunately Dr’s are not being trained in nutrition and most have little knowledge of the effects our environment and lifestyle can often compel upon us. And so we see the unsavoury picture today of billions being spent by our health czars on research for cures for major diseases and even minor ailments such as H/A and common colds.

Science has of course made tremendous advances in medicine and has saved many lives, and of course some have died due to their illnesses having made irreparable inroads into their life systems. Then again, because of the blinkered and money driven “drugs, radiation and the knife for all” approach pursued by our medical peers, there are many diseases which should have been buried years ago, that continue to afflict us.
It is my hope to educate and encourage my patients that there is nothing to lose and everything to gain by properly researched and referenced natural strategies to improve their health and combat the root causes of the illnesses which may afflict them. Eliminate the obvious first, and then work backwards from there.

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