The Pro’s and Con’s to standing desks

Should I get a Stand Desk?

With over 80% population now working in sedentary jobs its critical that we find ways to be more active throughout the work day. with all the conveniences built into our modern lifestyle, it can be hard to get in the daily dose of activity that the body requires to operate at its prime.


standing up helps promote body to burn more calories

Stand up desks can boost productivity and cognitive function

Allows you to break up sitting and standing hours

Eases pain with associated sitting and  musculoskeletal symptoms


standing for prolonged periods can lead to joint and back pain, swelling and fatique

Much like sitting, standing can lead to bad posture if you don’t pay attention to proper ergonomics’

Office design stand – sit desks may not be practical

Can be expensive

If you have any concerns about getting a stand-sit desk, our Osteopaths are happy to answer any of your questions.


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