The word “diet”

The word ‘diet’ could be holding a person back. It’s been shown to induce negative thoughts, stress and implies that you need to make drastic changes for the short term. What do you do when you’ve finished ‘dieting’? You go back to your old ways and begin to regain weight!

Feeling tired, lethargic, less motivated and with more aches? It’s probably not because of your age. Get yourself tested for a Vitamin D deficiency. Low levels of vitamin D are extremely common amongst both children and adults in the UK and most will never realise.

To try and lose weight or gain muscle without keeping an eye on your diet is similar to putting on the heating in an uninsulated house – you will certainly see and feel improvements but there’s so much wastage that you need to keep that heating running 24/7! On the other hand combining good nutrition and exercise has a powerful synergistic effect.

Preparation is the key to sustaining good food and exercise habits. Start by making sure your kitchen is loaded with high quality, unprocessed, whole foods and lean meats.

Fruit juice is often touted as ‘healthy’ but it’s loaded with the sugars from fruits whilst being stripped of any fibre. It also doesn’t fill you up making it easy to over consume. I recommend ditching the fruit juice and drinking plenty of water/squash whilst increasing your vegetable intake.

In reflection to “practice what you preach” to my patients, I found that I have ditched fruit juice and drink lots of water and its made a huge difference to my skin and overall well-being.

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