What is the ‘Q-Factor’

Q Factor is the distance between the outside of one crank arm to the outside of the opposite crank arm. Although Q Factor has become a universally recognised measurement, other people in the bike trade prefer to use a value for ‘stance width’ — which refers more directly to the distance between feet on the pedals.

Both terms are part of the same notion regarding the width of the crankset assembly and, stemming from that, the lateral distance between feet when pedalling. But how does it effect cycling?

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Your Cleats Need Tweaking

Your foot position has a direct effect on your knees, so it’s essential that your cleats are placed properly.

Position your cleats so the ball of your foot is directly over (Or even a bit behind, if you’re prone to knee pain) the pedal axle. Your cleat angles should be aligned with the natural angle of your heels, since unnaturally toeing in or out can stress your knees.

When adjusting pedal float, more is not better. Too much float allows the knees to toggle all over the plae which only wastes watts, but stresses your joints. Aim for a sweet spot of about 4.5 degrees of float.

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