My knee arthroscopy experience

I’m a fairly active person who enjoys gym classes, cycling, dancing, scuba diving and skiing. In January we went on our regular skiing holiday and had the most amazing amount of snow, albeit it being grey. Friends and I skied most of the day taking it easy down the mountain.

Consequently, the whole week par one day, the sun came out in full glory. My husband and I went skiing to meet up with our friends later on. Typically, on this beautiful day I had to have a fall. Caught an edge and had a mighty fall. My skis did not pop off and I had a sudden burning pain in my left knee. Instantly I knew I broke my medial ligament.

Once I finally stopped sliding down the mountain, I managed to gingerly ski to my husband who was about 200m down the mountain. He unclipped me from skis. The pain was increasing and more than the MCL (medial collateral ligament) I was pretty certain that I also did some damage to the meniscus. By some miraculous way, I was able to ski back to the hotel where I promptly got ice on the knee and required a stiff drink.

The following day was our last day of skiing and I waved my husband and friends off and had a leisurely morning icing my knee lovely coffee. That afternoon, when my hubby came back from the slopes, we found the local pharmacy and got me a knee brace. That was most useful keeping the knee stable.

The next morning we had to wave goodbye to the mountains, until our next visit and flew back to grey, cold UK. I promptly booked in to see my local osteopath to get his opinion of the damage done. He conquered that the MCL was indeed torn – I booked myself in (privately) for an MRI in order to see an orthopaedic surgeon ASAP. The report and imaging showed a grade 2 MCL tear and indeed a meniscal tear too.

I booked in to see my GP on a Saturday so she could refer me to see an orthopaedic surgeon. She referred me to the fracture clinic at the SGH for the Wednesday. I saw a lovely surgeon that booked me in for surgery the Thursday – All in all the treatment from start to finish has been amazing.

It is now 2 weeks since surgery and my stitches have been removed. The wound has healed up nicely, rehab is going well and I am walking and back to dancing. Infact I was back at work (as an osteopath) the Monday post surgery. Maybe for some that would be too soon, but being self employed, I booked a few people in each day until I could resume to full time.

Anyone that may require an arthroscopy on the knee… Don’t worry, you are able to walk immediately after surgery. You need to use crutches for a while but otherwise so long as you do your rehab and keep wound dry when showering, healing will be quick.

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