Kinesiology Taping – The Brightly Coloured Tape

Kinesiology taping is the current buzzword in the field of manual therapy. The brightly coloured tape is a common sight at all major sporting events from the Olympics to Wimbledon and commonwealth games. With the growth in popularity it’s ever more important for anyone involved in osteopathy, physiotherapy, massage therapy or any other manual therapy, to have an understanding of kinesiology taping, why its used, how it works and how to apply it.

In the 1970’s Dr Kenzo Kase, a Japanese chiropractor brought the technique to the international arena where he wanted to develop a taping system that  would naturally assist in the healing of damaged tissue by encouraging lymphatic drainage and at the same time provide support to the joints and muscles without causing restriction to the range of motion (ROM)


Provides support for weak or injured muscles without affecting the normal ROM. This allows full participation in therapeutic exercised and / or sports training and minimises the risk of developing compensatory imbalance or injuries.

Stabilises the area without restricting the movement like conventional athletic tape.

Allows the athlete and patient to remain active during sport / activity.

Helps reduce pain.

Reduces oedema by removal of lymphatic fluids.

Can enhance athletic performance and endurance.

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