Fight for Natural Beauty

LPG Face Endermologie is the latest in non-surgical facial treatment for anti-ageing and slimming, and is soaring in popularity as word spreads from France and beyond.

The “fight for natural beauty”, as it has been named, has been a secret weapon of celebrities for some time, but has only recently started becoming available on the market. LPG Endermologie is, of course, intended for the face and the body with a whole range of treatments, but we have constructed an honest and informative guide for those who looking to know more about face endermologie.

#1 LPG Treatment is

Non-Invasive – The machines use vibrations and cause a sensation that has even been explained as “relaxing” by happy clients. There are no instruments into the skin, no surgery and nothing that could cause concern in this way. Considering this non-invasiveness the results are incredible only after a few treatments.

#2 It re-awakens a dull complexion

working long hours can take its toll on your skin, and many of us in modern life stuggle with dull complexion at times. – Face endermologie works its magic in more ways than making you look younger – it can clear up your skin and make it more vibrant, radiant and alive, clearing up signs of tiredness and fatique. Dark circles around the eyes or puffiness from tiredness can be targeted directly with fast, efficient results.

#3 It can get rid of that double chin

A double chin, or excess fat around the face, is generally caused by the accumulation of fatty masses, but also arises as a side effect of sagging skin when the natural collagen and elastin fibres break down as we get older. Regardless of the reason. LPG treatment works its magic on this area when you opt for a face emdermologie, firming and rejuvenating the skin whilst toning up the area.

#4 Wrinkles and fine lines are targeting like never before

Forget those expensive creams, and most certainly forget invasive surgery. LPG endermologie is leading the way in targeting wrinkles and fine lines around the face, and it has scientifically proven results. Crows feet around the eyes, laughter lines and even lines from smoking can be vastly improved with this technology.

#5 There are special, targeted facial treatments available

Skin fitness has many levels – and the endermologie experts know this. Targeted treatments are available for forehead, eyes (For puffiness and dark circles, and also for anti-ageing), facial contours, neck and even hands. Proactive Osteopathy Clinic offers cellular stimulation which drains toxins, lightness and complexion and refines the texture of the skin, or targeted treatments for the perfect eyes and lips, firming of the neck area, and even work on eyelids to enhance the look.

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